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Circle Mills / Case power unit for a lane no.1
« Last post by on May 23, 2018, 04:45:47 PM »
Hi I just picked up a case 504bdt power unit with a generator head on it. I am told that I need a different flywheel for the hand clutch, and I cannot seem to be able to find one. Can anyone help?
Welcome! / New guy
« Last post by woody on May 23, 2018, 06:12:50 AM »
Just joined up, I may "know" many of you from other forums about the dorkey stuff we all like. (woods, tractors, lumber,firewood, heavy equip., etc) I don't know why but I use a different name on each of them, something about being (or attempting to) private when it comes to this interweb deal. No facepage or that BS for me and I still use a flip phone and for the most part, if it doesn't ring I'm having a good day!
 I've wanted a mill for,...... only about 30 years now and am thinking seriously about building one (bandmill). Then I get to thinking about the log handling part. (part of my enjoyment of all equipment is working all those cool levers that avoids hard work and hand tools) The track & saw are basic stuff & easy to build & copy from proven mills. Seen some nice builds on FF & AS and others, but I'm still & always learning and do not have a firm cozy feeling on my design and the required hydraulics for log turning. I have spent some time watching & a little operating of a friends WM but do not (from a structural point of view) like the cantilever design or all them ****ing electric "functions" and resulting issues.
I tend to watch & listen more than I speak especially when "speaking" with those that actually have experience in the topic.
My shop tend's mainly to the fab & welding side (vs. wood working or mechanical) as I never really urgently needed an end table as compared to fixing something that need'ed welding. I have a big hunk of woodland here in Maine and am mostly retired (building contr.) and enjoy tending to my property, building stuff in my shop & cutting firewood.
Looking forward to getting to know you all. If I can post a pic some of you may have seen my home made tractor winch/grapple I built a few years ago to ID me.

Look's like my pics are "too big". I use a digital camera set at "PC" and have no issues on any of the other forums.
General Discussion / Sharpener and Setter for Bandmills
« Last post by Kojba on May 22, 2018, 08:01:05 PM »
Just curious what everyone is using to sharpen bands.  I've heard a lot of people dissatisfied with the Cooks "Cat Claw" sharpener, but I have to do something soon, that won't break the bank.  It always seems like I get the "right now" job when my bands are dull.  Sending them out takes time, and the only local guy I have is a real ass to deal with.  He would rather throw a band away, then sharpen it.  If it isn't perfect when he gets it, he tosses it away.  He sells some off the wall band, that costs twice Woodmizer or Kasco, and the band he sells is total junk.  I bought two, to try out, and the first one went dull on the first log; the second one did a little better, but was nothing to write home about.
 I know Richard (Cutting Edge) does excellent work and sells a good band, but my lack of organization is forcing me to sharpen my own.  The Woodmizer BMTS 50 is a cheap alternative, but haven't heard any reviews yet.  Woodmizer of Pa. has told me to expect 20 minutes to sharpen and set a blade (not too bad) but one friend told me to expect 45 minutes until you get good at it.  At that rate, I would buy new Kasco and throw away a bad or dull blade.  I can make more milling with the limited time I have, and 5k for an automatic sharpener and setter from Woodmizer sounds a little pricey.  What do you do with yours?  I generally go through 8-15 blades a week, depending upon the time of year, etc. 

Thanks, Kojba :)
General Discussion / Anyone know a "DRY DANCE"
« Last post by Kojba on May 22, 2018, 06:37:02 PM »
I'm supposed to be 20% Native American, but for the life of me I can't think of, recall, or devise a damn "Dry Dance"...  I have several mobile saw jobs lined up, but they are either in a mud pit, or on a muddy road.  Not to mention the endless rain cycles here in Va.  When it does stop raining, I need to cut grass, or cut more grass it seems.  I think I'll invent something on my own.  Fielding suggestions, just don't mention anything too drastic, or expensive.  Embarrassing I can do, ridiculous possibly, but expensive would be out of the question.  I'm a broke, semi retired old dude.  Please keep that in mind....! :laugh: :laugh:
Tell us what you think that can help. / you tube video links
« Last post by Kojba on May 19, 2018, 07:20:24 PM »
I was curious if anyone has posted links to this forum, in the comments sections of you-tube.  I look at a lot of sawmills there, and that would be a great place to expose this forum.  Simply put a link in the comments section of the sawmill vids, and people who are new to milling, or people who are just plain interested in milling might check you out?  Just an idea... ;)
Sawmill Building/construction / Log furniture multi-tool
« Last post by brianpoundingnails on May 18, 2018, 03:05:58 PM »
  After building custom commercial and residential cabinets for twenty years I got into building log furniture. After seeing what was
available on the market in the way of log furniture tools, I was not impressed. I decided to design and build a machine just for the
speedy production of log furniture. It functions as sawmill(with plunge cutting capabilities?), a large capacity lathe(10"x108" length),
a large capacity mortise machine(2"x96" bed, 14" vertical stroke), and a large capacity drill press(24"x96" bed, 14 vertical stroke). I'm
not trying to market the machine. Too many legal, financial and liability issues. I've copyrighted my plans and blueprints instead. I'm
much better protected legally and no lawyers need be involved. I offer a lease on my blueprints for a prospective builder. Go to dropbox
link for more pics and info. I would appreciate all comments and opinions(even the negative ones).


   furniture it can make:

   asst. log building jigs:

Biannual show at the Richmond (VA) International Raceway, put on on by VA Tech and the Virginia Forest Products Association.  Marty Parsons of Wood-Mizer tells me it is the biggest show of the year for them, 2 tractor trailer loads of mills and accessories being brought in for them alone.

I know Richard Thompson of Kasco is coming, anyone else?

830-5 PM tomorrow and to 3 PM on Saturday.
Power Tools and techniques. / New tools to the collection!
« Last post by Kirk Allen on May 16, 2018, 10:18:04 PM »
My visit with Frank in Mass was enjoyable and worth the trip.  It's always good to put a face with members of the forum and even better to do some trading.  In this case, cash for tools! 

Foley Saw Sharpener and a Sivey Chains Saw Sharpener.  Two needed tools that will get plenty of use!

Circle Mills / The Hidden Circle Mill of Mass!
« Last post by Kirk Allen on May 14, 2018, 12:11:29 PM »
Made it out to Franks place in Franklin, MA.  Began to wonder when I drove through the countryside with all the giant homes and new neighborhoods. Just didn't vision a sawmill in that area.

Turns out Frank has been their the longest and the city move to him! LOL 

A few pics of his Circle Mill.  Wish we had more time to visit but we had to boogie back to the Communist State of Illinois but only after passing back through the Peoples Republic of New Jersy!

General Discussion / Web Site tracking software
« Last post by furu on May 10, 2018, 11:21:08 AM »
I was upgrading my browser and looking at the settings and saw one that I had never seen before. 
There has been the option that you can select that tells the web site not to track you but it is advisory only and they don't have to follow your request and I am certain most ignore it entirely.
This was an option to inform you, the user, if a web site has a tracking function and is indeed tracking your internet usage.
Very illuminating feature.  Sites that I would never have guessed are tracking you, are indeed tracking you.   :(

Most interesting is this site. 
According to the notification there is no tracking going on from this site. 
It is just what it is advertised as being. 
A place we can get together to discuss all things forest and timber related without any other BS.
Yeah Kirk and company. Thanks :)
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