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Projects and Plans / house windows
« Last post by terracefarmer on July 10, 2020, 05:45:28 AM »
I live in a re remodeled 1870's house, its been remodeled and changed so many times over the years, not much is still original anymore so I'm not even sure what vintage it would be called.   

It has the old two window style in it, the rope cable and weights in the sides to aid the lifting of the widows themselves and have storm windows over those or in the summer screens on instead of storm windows.     Well after about 85 years and many window scrapings and repainting, its about time to make new storm windows, the frames are getting rotten and coming apart.     

The question I have is this, what wood to make the frames out of? or is it time to investigate some of the plastics or composite's to build with??     I'm not really into the whole retro thing, so it has to remain true to the period style at all, I'm more into the whole, simple and cheap to last sort of thing myself.      Toss in I have many thousands of board feet of sawed lumber on hand, all hardwood, such as red and white oak, walnut, some elm, cherry, bur oak, black ash, hard maple and a few others.       

Over my lifetime, since I grew up in this house I now own, it was once thought to update the windows to something new, which I'm glad nobody ever did do, since these have outlasted anything else five to one from what I've seen over the years and for the most part these are still fully functional and can remain so for years to come yet, but its getting time to think about doing something to either renew the rotting parts or build complete new frames and reuse the glass.     

Looking for suggestions and idea's.    Thanks
Bandsaw Mills / 12/2003 Lt40 with 71.6hours value?
« Last post by Ronald on June 09, 2020, 11:37:41 PM »
Hi, i was wondering if anyone could give me a range for what this sawmill is worth. Thanks
I am selling a 12/2003 Wood Mizer Lt 40 sawmill with 71.6 hours on it.

My father purchased it new from Wood Mizer; it is in great condition due to being stored inside and since it has never traveled on the road (aside from bringing it to the farm).
Original User manual
An unopened box of 10 blades
A box of 5 new blades
An unboxed, but new set of 10 blades
At least 4 used blades
Sawmill cover
Electric blade guide
Electric debarker
Log Deck package
Powered saw head up/down & forward/reverse
The engine is a Kohler Command 25

Projects and Plans / Shooting platform
« Last post by A.O. on June 06, 2020, 09:36:49 AM »
Well if its ok to post my link here of a project I'm doing, here's another . A shooting deck/deer stand.. I've got a 300yd and a 100yd range and needed a nice level place to shoot from, here's the story. Still an ongoing project.

Projects and Plans / Garage build
« Last post by A.O. on June 06, 2020, 06:40:36 AM »
OK, you guys know I like talking with pictures, but seeing as I can no longer post them here with out a tutorial and a 27 page instruction booklet along with adding 3 new apps to my computer I would have to learn... I thought I would post a link over to another forum I'm on that is more picture friendly. IF this is not acceptable I apologize in advance and will understand if it gets deleted.

Anyway, I needed room in my larger barn so I wanted to build a garage to put my mowing/yard equipment in, all this but the plywood roof and soffits was lumber taken from trees off my place and run though my little mill.. have a look if you want.
General Discussion / Adjustable blade guides
« Last post by cowboybob on May 31, 2020, 10:32:54 PM »
New to site,, have a os27 and the blade guides a fixed. Can you convert to adjustable??
General Discussion / Something to appreciate all the time but today especially
« Last post by furu on May 25, 2020, 05:13:29 PM »
Produced and narrated by Jocko Willink former commander Seal Team 3
General Discussion / OMG, here we go again!
« Last post by Kirk Allen on April 13, 2020, 02:05:51 PM »
Once again, the sky is falling!  This time it appears the cost of running this forum has gotten to the point of pandemic levels. 

Renewed the forum server cost for 2 years and it cost us a whopping $137.00 

That equates to $68.50 a year, which is less than last year's annual cost.  OMG!  The price is dropping!  Maybe we need a fund drive in order to subsidize our lifestyle of not working?  LOL

For those that have heard the lies from other forums, you understand totally the intent behind this post! 

ENJOY your totally free forum! 

General Discussion / A loss to Oklahoma and to the entire country
« Last post by furu on March 28, 2020, 11:23:53 AM »
Just saw the news where Senator/Doctor Tom Coburn has passed from his battle with cancer. 

It seems just like yesterday that his voice of reason on fiscal responsibility was strong and clear.  Hard to believe he retired in 2015 to fight the cancer.

It is a great loss to the state of Oklahoma and the country at large to have lost this man with such a principled voice. 
He may not have been right in everything but what a great man.

RIP sir.

Circle Mills / D 13000 Cat sold!
« Last post by moodnacreek on March 27, 2020, 06:58:19 PM »
Got lucky today. Have a young feller that bought a Turner pony ball and roller sawmill and tried to run it with a 30 hp tractor pto thru a crossed belt set up. He now owns a d8 cat power unit, 154 hp @ 1100 rpm. I threw in a set of 6C  V pullies and 6 c144 belts and a bunch of other stuff. I had enough parts to put another mill together but nobody wants one. I am the only working sawmill left in the county as far as I know. I am very exited about this young man. He does not want a woodmizer! If it wasn't for this damn virus [can I say that here?]  We could have sawed 8' white pine that was on the deck today but we had to keep away from each other. I thought all my old sawmill stuff would have to get junked but know there is hope.
General Discussion / What are the thoughts in your neck of the woods
« Last post by furu on March 19, 2020, 02:52:33 AM »
Since I live just a bit south of the initial nexus of the Covid19 foothold in the US I see a lot of local reports and activity as everyone is near frantic.  THE nursing home has a death rate (% of residents) that is just mind boggling.  Schools, state wide, are closed and most likely will not reopen until next fall at this point.  Lose half a year of school and what are they going to do.  Hold everyone back, not graduate the seniors, Yeah Right!

What is the feel of things in your area? 
Are folks concerned, mildly, or a lot? 
Are there shortages as folks are stockpiling?

Here it started with toilet paper and disinfectants but now there is no chicken left in the stores and even beef is in rather short supply. Milk runs out quickly as well.  Would never have believed just how fragile it is.  ( I knew it was, just not this fragile) 

It would be funny if it wasn't.  Kind of like in an old horror B movie, end of the world apocalypse type movie.

As luck would have it I retired the 1st of February (Feds say I am too old to work anymore) and now I am just staying away from folks.  Not hard for me to do since I am a bit of a hermit anyway.  I go out and work in my forest and have been planting seedlings for the last several weeks.  Keeps me busy.
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