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General Discussion / Shotgun slugs
« Last post by bandmiller2 on March 19, 2019, 03:41:22 PM »
I think most of us hunt. I have been reloading slugs, the Lyman 525 gr. shaped like a huge air rifle pellet. I cast them from wheel weights. At 60 yards get 2-2 1/4" groups through a rem. 870 with a rifled barrel. Years ago those would be considered fair groups with an old deer rifle. They kick like a mule though. Frank C.
Circle Mills / Mill saw phd
« Last post by moodnacreek on March 15, 2019, 07:59:05 PM »
Anybody read Northern Logger? The worlds leading sawmill expert has a column there about circle mill trouble. This month he told 2 more lies: says there are no # 3 carbide bits made [Pipers has them] and that you can't ever put in new shanks without having the saw hammered. This is only half true.  That Creamer is quite a guy.
General Discussion / New little project
« Last post by A.O. on March 14, 2019, 07:24:11 AM »
So the wife says we need a pistol range closer to the house, the main range is way down in the woods and a project if we want to just shoot a little, so...

Wanted this tree first for the mill..

And down it comes

Trimmed up and ready for the mill (cut into shorter pieces)

And ready to cut.. (this is a sawmill forum after all)

And the little area cleared out and the start of my new range

As the title says, how does one go about this? We have designed an ingenious and simple tool and want to receive royalties, IF possible, and have someone make and market this tool.

Any and all input is accepted. Thanks
Projects and Plans / Steam and Sterling
« Last post by joasis on March 09, 2019, 07:36:09 AM »
Besides milling wood, any other machinists here? Or I guess you don't have to be a machinist.....just love the iron.

I was school trained in the 70s as a machinist....not NC or CNC, but old school, tool steel, set up and operate any and every machine kind of training. And during that time, I made a few steam engines, one, a Stuart #1 my grandfather wanted me to build. Good times.

So, a few years ago, I was thinking about building safe room doors /panic room doors, and began collecting a few machines....bought a lathe, and then another one, and a Bridgeport J Head mill....and the fever is cranking up. Looking for a shaper now to complete the home machine shop........and, did I mention I am building a furnace to teach myself casting?

So to the subject: I already have plans for different steam models I want to build, but a guy stopped by the local gun shop and he brought a "Lake Breeze" hot air fan to show to another guy he was meeting. And I was hooked. I am going to build a few variations of the Stirling engines...and maybe find a Lake fan I can disassemble and copy, even making the castings.

Anyone else share this interest? Know where a Lake Breeze fan may be? Have any plans or prints of interesting stuff? Have a metal shaper taking up space?

Maybe we will add a board for the home machine shop......
Power Tools and techniques. / Weird sander problem...
« Last post by kbeitz on March 07, 2019, 07:37:25 PM »
Today i had a strange problem... I put down a new floor in my home and I was using a belt sander to sand the floor. I had this great idea of hooking my my central vac to the exit to the dust bag on my sander. When I turned the sander on it would not run with the vacuum turned on. Made no sense to me. if anything it should have run faster. Even if I turned on the sander first then the sander it would stall the motor right out. Any ideas? 
Power Tools and techniques. / JET TRADE!!
« Last post by A.O. on March 07, 2019, 08:33:25 AM »
So I've been wanting a shaper and been cruising craigslist for a month or two. Just needed a smaller one, got some raised panel cabinet doors to make, some tongue and groove to do and possibly a front door, among other projects.

Anyway.. While looking, I find a new add of a guy looking to sell or trade a JET JWS-22CS  shaper, after some negotiations I traded him my JET JWBS 12" bandsaw. Even up! I'm thinking his machine was worth more but mine was in better shape. He was wanting a bandsaw, and I was wanting a shaper.. I am pleased.
Now I need to go through the shaper and track down some missing parts, a guard, a couple knobs, and the collets to use router bits. No bits came with it so I need to get some of those too so I can try this little guy out.

Any words of wisdom concerning a shaper? I've used a router table for years so I'm guessing its about the same. I do see shapers run forward or backwards (spindle rotation) Not sure as to why..

So here's the trade


For this..

Had a bunch of other stuff he gave me with it, trying to figure out what it is ( I think stone countertop toolage) and if it has any value.

General Discussion / Portable debarker
« Last post by moodnacreek on March 04, 2019, 05:40:51 PM »
Can anyone explain a chain flail debarker?  I would like to debark only the worst logs in my log yard . I handle logs with a truck mounted picker. Thanks, Doug
For Sale / D&L 1224 Commercial 180 SwingBlade - $39,995 USD
« Last post by dltimbertech on February 28, 2019, 02:11:12 PM »

Price: $39,995 USD

The D&L 1224 Commercial 180 SwingBlade with a 46 hp Kubota diesel. This mill model houses hydraulic feed works, set works and a hydraulic swing all controlled from the operator station. We combined the 2 technologies using the robust frame and lift system of the twin saw model with the original D&L 180 SwingBlade. This is a heavy duty mill that is ready for a serious commercial entity.

Portability - D&L Swing Blade is transportable by a vehicle with a standard single axel trailer that is easily removed to allow the mill to be set up at ground level. The D&L Commercial SB1224 can be set up in less than 1.5 hours.

Blade Technology - The unique D&L Six Tooth Carbide Tipped Thin Kerf blade makes accurate and smooth cuts and is second to none in the industry. Sharpening can be done in place and in minutes using the accompanying diamond sharpener. Ideal for both soft and hard woods and in use around the world. Insertable tooth blades also available.

Smart Design - Patterned after our Heavy Duty Twin Saw models we have developed a very heavy duty frame to house a powerful 46 hp diesel using our already proven 180 degree swing technology from our SB models. D&L has made every effort to incorporate use of “off-the-shelf” parts to make repair and replacement quick, easy and affordable.

Log Diameter: Cuts a 48” diameter log. Cuts a 60” diameter log (optional with the 10ft wide carriage)
Log Length Cut: length 21ft
Track: 12' track sections. Modular track design that bolts right into the trailer
Bunk Systems: 3 Bolt in bunk systems with manual dogging
Feed Works: Hydraulic feed works
Hydraulic Set: Hydraulic set works for both the Vertical and the horizontal setting
Cants: 12 x 24 cants
Swing: 12 inch swing
Swing Degrees: 180 degree swing
Hydraulic Swing: Hydraulic swing on the saw
Trailer: Single axel trailer 15” RUBBER. Trailer is removable from mill frame leaving mill frame on ground level
Construction: All steel construction
Weight: 4500 pounds
Carriage Width: Standard 8ft. Optional carriage width 10ft
Knives: Double riving knives
Saw Diameter: 32' saw diameter, 14 teeth, 17/64' kerf inserted saw
Comes With: Comes with bit wrench, diamond sharpener and jig
Assembly: Sets up in under 1.5 hours
Power Units: 46 hp diesel Kubota
Shoots: Sawdust shoots
Parts: Off the shelf parts

Parts & Additions

Spare 32” inserted saw: $1295.00
Spare Teeth: $5.30
Spare shanks: $14.95
Slabber: $2595.00
Slab Sanding Disc: $695.00
Planer Blade: $995.00
D&L Router Bit: $995.00

Brochure - Website
General Discussion / stupid at it's finest.
« Last post by starmac on February 24, 2019, 07:45:43 PM »
Have you ever done anything that made you feel stupid? And rightfully so, I might add. lol

I have been wanting to change out my compensator bushings  all season. I had the trailer off the truck doing some suspension work on the truck and a little welding on the bunk, so decided to change out the bushings, while my helper rotated some tires, easy peasy, except it had 4 rusted up set screws in each bushing, I cleaned out the allen heads, but wouldn't you know it the right (small) allen wrench in my 3/8 drive set was missing, so all I had that would fit was in one of those folding sets. It was just trying to twist, even with penetrating oil  and heat.
Ok, send my helper out to get me another set for my ratchet, again no go. So now I decide to drill them out and use an easy out, again no go. I finally get chapped and decide to drive them out and what do you know, easy peasy, they were pins instead of set screws.

Talk about feeling like a full grown moron, shouldn't even be telling this. lol
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