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Title: You have to be kidding
Post by: joasis on March 26, 2018, 07:52:57 AM
I saw kids holding signs that read "Your Freedoms are not worth our safety".

No way.

If I saw that David Hogg kid anywhere close to me, I would have to sit on my hands to not bitch slap that punk into the middle of next year.
Title: Re: You have to be kidding
Post by: Ox on March 26, 2018, 10:12:44 AM
I couldn't agree more.

I saw a sign that said "OK - we'll pry your gun from your cold dead fingers".  I thought, How?  By throwing Tide pods at us?  You must be figuring out by now these things aren't for eating.
Title: Re: You have to be kidding
Post by: furu on March 26, 2018, 11:38:01 AM
I watched a small segment on the TV where a psychologist was talking about the youngsters of today.
In the segment she stated that she had found that most of the young folks that she interviewed believed that your right to free speech was limited by what they believed was hate speech.  Meaning that if they did not agree with what you were saying that you should be prohibited by the government from saying it.  Hard to believe but true.

Kind of reminiscent of the law which was passed by our neighbors up north several years ago on "hate speech," the only difference is they don't have a "first amendment."

I watched an interview in which young folks specifically stated that they believed that the second amendment should be repealed.
Our schools system's teaching of civics is so lacking today that our young adults have no grasp of the constitution.

The 26th Amendment was passed in 1971 because it was decided that youngsters were mature enough to vote at 18.  After all we were drafting them into the military at 18 so they could fight for our country and thus they must be mature enough to vote for the individuals who controlled their lives. 

The only problem is over the years more and more laws have been passed that limit what they can do at 18.  It has been decided that they are not mature enough to drink alcohol at 18 in nearly every state in the country. They are not mature enough to understand the risks to their health to buy cigarettes and smoke at 18 in most states.  Now there is a big push that says they are not mature enough to purchase and own any firearms until they are 21.  Remember they can go to war and kill the enemy but they can't drink alcohol or smoke. 
Now I am not certain that I don't agree with some of that.  Many 18 year olds are not mature enough, some are.   Some 16 year old kids are mature enough but everyone is equal and must be treated as equal in our country.  If you have the rights of an adult and are treated as an adult at 18 then you are equal in rights to other adults.

As I said I am not certain if I don't agree with some of it.  If we think that 21 is the age in which the young are mature enough to "fill in the BLANK" then that is the age that we should treat you as mature enough to vote and we should modify the 26th amendment.  Ask these protesters if they feel that they should not be able to purchase a firearm until they are 21 because of maturity how they can  feel that they are mature enough to understand the issues to vote before they are 21.

Voting rights is an issue that raises much ire.  Everyone (citizen) at 18 can vote.  Does not state that you have to be educated, mentally sound and capable of understanding the issues .  YOU HAVE A RIGHT!  My mother bless her soul developed Alzheimers late in life and while you may not really understand the actual implications you grasp the basics of it. 
I hope that you never have to really understand what having a family member develop Alzheimers is like.  You can't really be prepared for it.
My mother could read an article and when asked what she had read 10 seconds later, have no idea what she had read.  She seemed to really enjoy reading (or it seemed that way, no one will every really know) but there was no processing of the information. 

Should she have been legal to vote?

How about the mentally disabled individual who can never live on their own but will be in a group home their entire life as they are not functional capable of operating on their own.


I agree that there are many folks that should judicially be stripped of their right to own a firearm but that is something that has to be done in a very methodical and consistent manner and with the loss of that right they should lose other rights that they are granted by our constitution, otherwise they are not being treated equally.

Equally if you are an adult at 18 you are an adult.  If you are not an adult until 21 then that is the way it is.  Let's be consistent in what we do and how we treat folks and how rights are granted and removed.
Title: Re: You have to be kidding
Post by: starmac on March 27, 2018, 12:31:19 AM
Hogg was also in some anti type videos in cali a year or so back, where he was supposedly a paid actor.

He has been proven to be a liar as far as the florida shooting goes, he is claiming that he was in the building, but he apparently forgot that he first claimed he had to ride his bike 3 miles to get there when he heard about it. Both claims have been recorded on video.
Title: Re: You have to be kidding
Post by: Ox on March 27, 2018, 10:06:37 AM
furu - yours is a well thought out idea and I totally agree with what you said.  I also believe ALL of this - every single piece of the puzzle - is orchestrated and is being carried out by undercover whatevers to make sure it's getting mass media coverage.  The gun grab is real.  The anti-constitutional mind set is real.  The traitorous and treasonous behavior is real.  These damn liberals preach love and tolerance and yet many are willing to kill you because you don't agree with them.  This fact has been shared widely on social media.

On a different note, I read where a school in PA has armed the teachers and student body with a 5 gallon bucket of river rocks to throw at any intruders.  Yep - it's true.  Better than nothing I suppose, but seriously?

On yet a different note, the liberals are whining about being "talked down to" by knowledgeable "gun people" and are now calling it "gunsplaining".  I wonder if this is another form of hate speech because they sure are whining about it and are apparently feeling quite threatened by people who know more than they do about guns.

This is what our country is turning in to.  The brainwashing on the public school level is almost complete.  Hang on because it's gonna be a bumpy ride.  Look how quickly things have changed ever since we had that Obama traitor in office.  If I wasn't living it I'd swear this is a damn movie of some sort.
Title: Re: You have to be kidding
Post by: starmac on March 27, 2018, 06:09:37 PM
Between Opra and one other celebrity, them kids got a million bucks to pull this shit, not counting hundreds of other anti gun people donating, and I'm sure Soros has a hand in it too.
They have some high paid organizers putting this stuff together, just to further the agenda of disarming the general population, it has zero to do with school safety.

Oh yea, that penn school has backtracked, and them kids can not even have rocks to throw now. lol
Title: Re: You have to be kidding
Post by: HaroldCR - AKA Fla.-Deadheader on March 27, 2018, 08:24:38 PM
A little OT, but, not by much. The local Police know I have 1 small pistol.  ::) ;D. There are thugs getting on busses in San Jose and robbing EVERYONE ?? And some of the Ticos (CR people) are getting guns for self protection.  I forgot to mention, guns are prohibited down here.  ;D

 These people just don't understand taking down these thugs and beating them to death would be just as effective, but, they are AFRAID of offending someone.